Legal Corner

American Civil Liberties Union
This organization should be the first you join if you are an adult webmaster in the U.S. These are the guys who keep us in business.
Blue Ribbon Campaign
Fighting for the right to free speech on the Internet.
Adult Site Sheriff
Copyright and public domain information as pertains to adult webmasters, with easy to understand translations. Offers help with copyright violations and attorney search.
Giant, searchable database of U.S. laws. The site is very easy to navigate, making it easy to find answers to your legal questions.
Law Crawler
A legal search engine. If you are looking for the details about a particular law, this is a great resource.
Global Internet Liberty Campaign
Another organization fighting to preserve free speech rights, as well as the freedom of privacy, on the Internet.
Electronic Privacy Information Center
An organization fighting for electronic privacy laws.
Cyberspace Law Center
A categorized listing of laws concerning cyberspace, such as privacy, freedom of expression, copyright, and commerce.

Advanced HTML – Dynamic HTML & Stylesheets

If you want to see the best example we’ve come across of dhtml implementation, as well as learn more about how it is done, then you’ll definitely want to see this site.
Webmonkey’s DHTML Reference
Covers a full range of DHTML functionality, giving great examples along the way. Also be sure to check out their lesson on stylesheets. Advanced HTML
Here is a huge resource for dynamic html, cascading style sheets, and other advanced web design techniques. If you have mastered html, then this site should be you next step.