Referring Tools

Macromedia Dreamweaver

This is the perfect program if you want to keep up-to-date on dynamic html, layers, and stylesheets. It also has a very simple-to-use interface.

Coffee Cup HTML

CoffeeCup HTML Editor++ is a full-featured HTML editor. It includes Expresso FTP for uploading and downloading (in the registered version only), style sheet help, automatic image sizing, a line reader, and tips. This program also comes with 30 background images, more than 175 animated GIFs, upwards of 140 Web icon graphics, 50 JavaScripts, a frame designer, an HTML stripper, and VBScripts with ActiveX functionality. Other features include an internal browser for testing and surfing, an image-previewing utility, a sound gallery, project management features, support for HTML server extensions, a form designer, WebTV tag support, and special-character insertion.

Microsoft Frontpage

This is the most popular editor out there. It has enough features that there is not much you won’t be able to do with it. You can also take advantage of Frontpage extensions, which allow you to log into your site and make changes to your pages right on the server in real-time.

Aardvark Pro

Very simple to use program for creating dynamic web pages. Comes with already assembled templates for ease of construction.

Graphics Programs:

Adobe Photoshop

This is not the easiest program to learn, but it is well worth the effort. It is, by far, the best graphics program there is, especially when combined with the dozens of plug-ins that are available.

Ulead Gif Animator

A very easy to use and full-featured program for creating and optimizing gif animations for your website.

Microsoft Image Composer

This program is only available with the Microsoft Frontpage Suite. However, it is a pretty good, as well as easy and convenient, program for creating and editing images for your website.


This is the king of 3d modelling programs. There are many simpler one’s out there, but this is, by far, the best and the most powerful 3d modeller available. If you’re looking for a 3d renderer, you can find several of those listed here as well.

FTP Clients:


Cute FTP
demo available
Cute FTP is a very easy to use ftp client with all of the functionality you could ever need.


Other Useful Programs:


demo available
This program will save you endless amounts of time by instantly thumbnailing your images and creating the tables and webpages.
demo available
Doesn’t sound like a “must have,” but trust me, this little program has helped me out quite a bit for getting in touch with other webmasters regarding link trades and many other things.
Code Switcher
demo available
This is a great program to make changing out reoccurring files easier. Great for changing out banners, pictures, backgrounds, IP’s, or just about anything that might need to be changed on multiple pages.
Adult Promoter
demo available
This program is a must-have for the adult webmaster. It will submit your site to the top 10 search engine plus 40 top adult search engines. It will even automatically submit listings that exactly meet each Search Engines’ specifications.
Password Sentry
demo available
Watches for suspicious logins to your membership section (i.e. multiple ip’s), and give you several choices of how to deal with them.
Agent Web Ranking
demo available
Freeware to monitor and improve your search engines position, add url, inspect webpages, and check links.
GTA Access Control
demo available
Affordable, web-based (no programming skills needed) access control to keep hackers and password traders out of your member sites.
Private Eye
demo available
Protect your members area in real time against password abuse, and turn bad users into good traffic by sending them to your preview page or a click-through program.
demo available
Track and do research on your positioning on search engines. If you don’t keep up with your search engine rankings, you could be missing out on thousands of hits every day.
Linx Cop
demo available
Automatically check your reciprocal links on other other people’s sites. The program is fully automated, and requires no CGI or programming.
Site Cam
demo available
This is one of the best webcam programs you’ll find, and perfect for adult sites. If you want to post a new picture every five minutes via ftp, it can do it. If you’d rather do a live stream, it can do that, too. A demo is available.
StoreFront Web Creator
demo available
This is a software package that includes everything you need to open your own online store. It includes tools for storefront site creation and management, secure encrypted transactions, and on-line order fulfillment with end-to-end security.
demo available
This is an essential program for webmasters with huge amounts of pictures which need to be rotated regularly and other tedious tasks. With this program, you can automatically create full thumbnail galleries with little more than the click of a button – this on top of many other useful functions.
Password Cop
demo available
This is an easy to install program that greatly reduces the rate of password thieves entering your site.
demo available
This program will protect your password protected site from illegal entry by password traders.


Must-Have Bookmarks:


Just about every free download on the Net is here.
Professional shareware programs.
More shareware.
Several programs specifically created for webmasters.
(to play some video games after you work)

Newbie Handbook…

AWG Feature – Adult Sites 101

Brand new to the industry and don’t know where to begin? Use this guide to learn all about finding a host, finding content, marketing your site, and making those dividends.

Learning HTML

If you plan to do any web designing, it is crucial that you learn at least the basics of html. Here are some resources that will get you on your way.

Sexynet’s Newbie Tutorial

Learn the basics of starting up an adult site and making it successful. Good tips on finding the right sponsors.

Netpond Newbie Quick Start Guide

Explains how to get started, the tools you will need, how to promote and make money, and even has a page explaining the slang used in the industry.

Legal Corner

American Civil Liberties Union
This organization should be the first you join if you are an adult webmaster in the U.S. These are the guys who keep us in business.
Blue Ribbon Campaign
Fighting for the right to free speech on the Internet.
Adult Site Sheriff
Copyright and public domain information as pertains to adult webmasters, with easy to understand translations. Offers help with copyright violations and attorney search.
Giant, searchable database of U.S. laws. The site is very easy to navigate, making it easy to find answers to your legal questions.
Law Crawler
A legal search engine. If you are looking for the details about a particular law, this is a great resource.
Global Internet Liberty Campaign
Another organization fighting to preserve free speech rights, as well as the freedom of privacy, on the Internet.
Electronic Privacy Information Center
An organization fighting for electronic privacy laws.
Cyberspace Law Center
A categorized listing of laws concerning cyberspace, such as privacy, freedom of expression, copyright, and commerce.

Advanced HTML – Dynamic HTML & Stylesheets

If you want to see the best example we’ve come across of dhtml implementation, as well as learn more about how it is done, then you’ll definitely want to see this site.
Webmonkey’s DHTML Reference
Covers a full range of DHTML functionality, giving great examples along the way. Also be sure to check out their lesson on stylesheets. Advanced HTML
Here is a huge resource for dynamic html, cascading style sheets, and other advanced web design techniques. If you have mastered html, then this site should be you next step.